We are proud to partner with Yasushi Yokoo, an expert on Japanese washi scroll and screen construction to provide you with an elegant hand-crafted box which preserves an ancient tradition. Washi is a paper crafted by highly skilled Japanese artists trained in techniques perfected during the Edo era (1603-1868). After they have finished creating the creamy washi paper, a background pattern of ripples and cherry blossoms is hand printed and then sprinkled with silver and gold leaf squares. Finally, the washi is carefully attached to the handmade Paulownia box. This style of air tight box, made from lightweight wood of the Paulownia tree, was originally used hundreds of years ago to protect and store precious hanging scrolls, paintings, and prints. We hope you enjoy the elegance and grace of this special box, made with the skills passed down and refined over hundreds of years.
  1. Japanese Chabako Box - Silver


    Japanese Chabako Box - Silver - #222000-02

    This box is hand crafted by Japanese artisan paper makers in the style of a chabako (wooden tea) box. Each box is adorned with handmade, custom-designed Japanese paper and features an assortment of our signature dark and milk chocolate truffles and caramels.
    16 Gray Salt Caramel
    12 Smoked Salt Caramels
    8 Hazelnut Crunch Truffle
    8 Bittersweet Truffle
    8 Pure Milk Truffle
    8 Raspberry Truffle